Tuition and Payments Policies
(revised 01/01/2020)


  $ 200 per month for 1 hour private lessons taken once per week 
     $ 175 per month for 45-minute private lessons taken once per week
      $ 120 per month for 30-minute private lessons taken once per week

New Students

If a new student starts during the month, tuition due at the first lesson will be prorated to the end of the month. A full tuition payment will then be due at the beginning of the next month.

Payment Schedule

Payments must be received by the beginning of the first lesson of the month. 

Class Schedule 

Monthly tuition is based upon a 48-week year taking into account holidays and school closings.  The school will be closed on all major holidays, two weeks over the summer, and one week over Thanksgiving, and during the christmas holidays. There are no make ups or reschedules for these events.

Additional tuition is not due during months with 5 lessons. Likewise, tuition is not reduced when the school is closed for a holiday.  No refund or reschedules are available if the school is closed due to bad weather.

Refunds / Reschedules / Cancellations

There are no refunds nor is the next month’s tuition credited for missed or cancelled lessons.  If a lesson is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson time, the lesson may be rescheduled. A lesson will be rescheduled only once.  Only one lesson per month may be rescheduled. The lesson must be rescheduled and taken within two weeks of the cancelled lesson. It is the student’s responsibility to call to reschedule the lesson.

I will try my utmost to reschedule your lesson but there is no guarantee that a reschedule slot will be available.  Cancelled lessons will not be credited to the next month in order to reduce the monthly lesson fee for a subsequent month. 

If for any reason the instructor needs to cancel a lesson the lesson will be rescheduled as soon as possible. If a reschedule session cannot be accommodated the missed lesson will be a credit against the following month’s tuition. A substitute instructor may be used in lieu of cancellation  and rescheduling the lesson.



Each student is reserved a class time. 
 That time is reserved for the student and will not be given to anyone else. 


The student is expected to show up on time for class. 
 If the student is late, class time cannot be extended and the class will end at the normal class time. 
 To maximize your learning it is suggested that:

You have practiced during the week and come to class prepared with questions or solutions;
You arrive on time;
Your guitar is tuned prior to the lesson;
Your left hand (or right hand for lefties) finger nails are trimmed;
You bring your book or music you are working on

Open Door

If you ever get stuck during the week to a point where you cannot continue practicing you may call or email your instructor.  They will do their best to answer you. So, ask, don’t get stuck.


Practice is so important towards gaining mastery of your instrument. 
A little a day goes a lot further than many hours one day. 
Please respect your musical inclinations and set aside time to practice your instrument. 


You practice so you can play. 
Find new music, get together with friends, sit in your room and sing along to your guitar. 
Have a good time; express yourself – 
that’s why we play.


Everyone has his or her own set of difficulties at any point while learning the guitar. 
There are also some shared difficulties – like the feared F-chord. 
Patience is the key. 
If you have patience it will come.
I have seen many students fuss for several weeks over something then the next week they come back and it was like the problem never existed.
Remember – never say you cannot do something if you have never tried it before.

Take care of your instrument

After playing, wipe down your strings with a clean cloth.  Doing this will help your strings last longer.
Never leave your guitar in a hot car even for a few minutes.
If you are taking your guitar on a plane, always loosen the strings.

Remember these sayings

The SLOWER you go the FASTER you’ll get.

If you make it LOOK SIMPLE it will BECOME SIMPLE.