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Some pictures you might enjoy:
Paul Clancy
Guitar - Folk, Fingerstyle, Bluegrass, Classical, Rock and Blues, Ukulele, Bass, Performance 
Paul was born in Queens, New York a long, long time ago. He began playing guitar with his brother when he was eleven years old. "I remember the first song I played – 'Please, Please me' by the Beatles. Then it was onto the Dave Clark 5, Herman’s Hermits and more of the same."

Much of his early learning came through watching experienced guitarists. He would study their hands, how they held their picks, left hand positions, etc. Then he would squirrel himself away and learn through imitation. "This is something I encourage all my students to do – only be able to tell the good from the bad and “take what you need and leave the rest”."

He joined his first rock group when he was 17. They got a few jobs at high school dances and birthday parties. But they mostly played in the basement.

Then it was off to music conservatory for classical guitar. He spent a semester there before getting restless to see what the world was like. He spent the next several years traveling around the states, getting odd jobs, playing at odd places and learning different styles of music from across the country.

He went back to college (to study Mathematics). Paul  taught guitar (and Math) to many students on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He formed the New York Art Band that performed original music mostly instrumental, nonstop, structured freeform music with influences of classical. rock, and folk..

A while ago he had the privilege to study under Susan McDonald – a master concert guitarist who has played around the world, for several presidents, Carnegie Hall and more. She listened to several of his classical guitar compositions and recorded them on her Comfort CD. 

Paul started Clancy’s Guitar school in 2004 with the hope of passing onto students his passion for the guitar and helping them cultivate their own.  
Some Recent Successes:  

Jessica B. and Patrick L. accepted to music conservatories for classical guitar;

Osric N.  - first public appearance playing guitar 
and singing at local coffeehouse

Bob G.  - first public appearance playing and singing at local coffeehouse

And the dedication and courage of all the students who participate in the recitals!!!